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The Technics of Wet Shotcrete

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  The technics of wet shotcrete means add the water needed by cement hydrate in the process of mixing, at the same time ,all the material(include additives  and admixtures) except accelerator must be mixed well in blender.

  Because the technics of wet shotcrete can strictly control water cement ratio in the process of mixing (being able to realize autometering) and accurately measure the amount of liquid accelerator, thereby establishing the shotcrete quality assurance system.

  Adopting the technics of wet shotcrete will make cement to adequately hydrate, insure concrete materiel to obtain better cohesiveness, make cement grout to fully pack the surface of sandstone, thereby spraying layer would have well compactness and high quality.

  The technics of wet shotcrete will change uncombined grained cement of mixtures for dry spraying into cement grout of mixtures for wet spraying, consequently drastically reduce dust concentration and greatly improve working environment and protect worker’s healthiness.

  Wet spraying concrete can add additives (including water reducing agent, water-proofing agent, antifreeze, air-entraining agent and so on) or admixtures (for example silica, flyash, levigated scoria and so on) fume according to ambient conditions and performance requirement and stress condition and provide conditions for confecting high performance shotcrete and generalizing single layer liner.

  Wet spraying is the technics base of realizing comprehensive mechanization for spraying and commercialization for concrete preparation.

  The technics of wet shotcrete requests concrete material to have well workability, i.e. flowability, cohesiveness, water preserving capability. Optimal concrete slump for thin flow kind of wet shotcrete machine is 8 to 12 centimeter and thick flow is 12 to 16 centimeter.